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DOT/CDL Physicals

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We provide physical examinations as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  These are often referred to as DOT or CDL exams.  Dr. Bowen is a Certified Medical Examiner and is knowledgable in the ever-changing rules and regulations to keep drivers on the road.  Very few medical conditions are disqualifying to drive as long as you "jump through the appropriate hoops".  Dr. Bowen can help you manage the "hoops" so you can keep on truckin'. 

Starting April 20, 2016, a new medical examiner's form and medical examiner's certificate are required.  Dr. Bowen has had advanced training on how to properly use the new form so we are already using it so you can stay abreast of all the current requirements.

Billings Chiropractor | DOT/CDL Physicals. Dr. Scot Bowen is a Billings Chiropractor.