Our Friends

Listed below are some our friends.  Please check out their services and see how they may be able to help you.

First Breath Midwifery Care ( www.firstbreathbirth.com )

Katrina Rauch, CPM, MAP has been a patient here for a long time. Katrina and I have worked together for  several years taking care of her patients and their children.  If you are interested in using a midwife during your next pregnancy, I would highly recommend talking with Katrina.

Yellowstone Chiropractic Association ( www.ycamt.org )

The Yellowstone Chiropractic Association (YCA) serves its members and represents the profession by maintaining an active role within Eastern Montana by promoting Chiropractic as a vital and integral component of the health care profession by providing information to Consumers and Doctors on the latest healthcare breakthroughs and findings and how Chiropractic Care is involved with helping you develop a healthier lifestyle.

YCA"s coalition of Chiropractors also provides a comprehensive communication network to keep abreast of changes in the health care industry with monthly meetings, and recommending web sites and chiropractic referral service for doctors and patients.

Montana Chiropractic Association ( www.mtchiro.org )

The Montana Chiropractic Association is dedicated to promoting and advancing the quality of chiropractic care.

Team CME

DOT Physical Exam | TeamCME.com

TeamCME provides resources to find and schedule your next DOT Physical Exam online. We are the only DOT Physical Exam network with online scheduling capabilities and the largest network of DOT Physical Providers.

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